March 9, 2016

Stanton native returns to open restaurant

By Daniel Arens

Sometimes, traveling can provide people with new perspectives and ideas they would not have achieved apart from their trips. For one man who grew up in Stanton, spending years of his life near the East Coast provided the inspiration for bringing a new cuisine option for his hometown.
Norman Link, while growing up and attending school in Mercer County, has spent most of his adult life out east. He lived in Boston for many years, and has spent the previous six years just outside of Washington, D.C.
Link has now returned to Stanton, where he is working on establishing a new restaurant within the Coal Country Inn. This restaurant will be located in the existing kitchen and cafeteria of the inn, which Link has leased out, although the location will be almost completely refurbished.
Link said this new restaurant will be named Charlie’s Bistro, a bistro being a name for small, simple restaurants in larger cities, as opposed to large diners with long menus.
“The idea is to deliver really good food [and] serve people in a timely manner,” Link said.
Link noted there will be a variety of different good foods offered at Charlie’s Bistro. Meat-and-potato-style food will be provided for workers and others who need to eat quick, although the option of hamburger/hot dog alternatives will be available. Certain changes could be made to the menu along the way, such as the inclusion of a “German Night” or other specialty meals. Another food item Link discussed is the introduction of seafood, although he stressed this would be good seafood, not raised on a farm.

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