April 27, 2016

Steady progress for new hospital construction

By Daniel Arens

While residents may be able to gather some of the progress that has recently been made on the exterior of the new hospital in Hazen, they might not be able to see the thrum of activity as workers set up the interior.
Working in shifts from the west to the east, construction crews contracted by Neenan Archistruction have been working steadily to produce the basic interior look and design of the new hospital, as well as the exterior building.
“You don’t see the other side every day, like we do,” Patrick Loring, Project Manager, said. “There’s definitely a lot happening.”
Currently, the physical therapy room in the west wing of the hospital is the most finished room in the building. Work is also moving quickly in the galleries and kitchen near the center of the facility. On the east end, the patient section is the least completed, with only the basic structure in place.
Crews are working from west to east; thus the workers who are putting in the metal structure at the patient wing started on the opposite end and moved east. As they finished in an area, workers for the next stage of construction will fill in where they finished, meaning that at any given time there is work being done at all levels of the building.

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