September 3, 2014

Stern frustrated with city commission

By Lee Coleman

Praising the Hazen Police Department for outstanding work on emergencies and big issues, Hazen City Commissioner Casey Stern stopped short of praising the police, and the city commission, for enforcing city ordinances.
“The ordinances are on the books and they should be followed,” Stern said. “They are not. Through the years, nobody has enforced them. Our police department does a fantastic job on big issues and emergency stuff but these smaller issues, they just don’t get put through and it has come to the point where all these small issues are starting to add up and turning into a big problem.”
And, in turn, the frustration level is growing for Stern.
“Over my last two years on the board, I have brought up the need to do something about all these ordinances, but I guess nobody wants to resolve them,” Stern explained. “Just like Mike Quinn. The board just tells him what he wants to hear to get him off their back and he is just tired of it now.”


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