May 25, 2016

Subdivision rejected by county zoning board

By Daniel Arens

One of the primary points of emphasis around the county is how to attract growth in the number of people and businesses Mercer County communities can offer. However, the desire to expand sometimes needs to be balanced with the needs of local residents who already live here in the county.
Kurt Swenson approached the Mercer County Planning and Zoning Board for approval of the preliminary plat of what he called the “Brush Creek Subdivision.” He hoped to divide the land in question, located six miles south of Beulah along Highway 49, into two parcels, each of which could be sold for someone to build on.
Swenson noted there are already two access roads, one into each of the parcels, along with sewer and water.
Several nearby residents voiced concerns about the proposed subdivision, noting the land is used for agriculture and should remain that way. Several members of the neighboring Erickson family were in attendance, noting their farming lands surround the area in question.
Board Member Wes Gunsch said he was concerned about the traffic along the intersection with Highway 49, noting there has been a history of accidents in the area.
Although a motion was made to approve the subdivision, no second was given, although Swenson can present his case to the county commission June 1.
Adella Benz applied for a preliminary plat for a subdivision south of Dakota Waters, where she is hoping to zone five lots for sale. The commissioner asked questions about Southwest Water, which is present, and whether the land had been tilled at all, which it had not. They also noted the Corps of Engineers and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department asked that county setbacks be followed regarding properties near the lake shore, although there will be little to no impact with the property in question.
There was also discussion about neighboring vehicles located along or within the property line. States Attorney Jessica Binder agreed to look into the situation and remove the vehicles if they are within the property in discussion.
Benz’s request was unanimously approved by the board.
Arlen Kurtti again attended the meeting to address concerns about the pre-existing structure he has been renting out. No other complaints have been made by neighbors about Kurtti, who currently only has a single renter in the building.

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