December 11, 2008

The Hazen Community

If you have talents you are hoping to gain, Darcy Putnam wants to know about it.

On the flipside, if you have any talents you are willing to teach others – Putnam wants to know about it.

The Hazen School Board voted to move forward on the formation of a Hazen Community Education program, something that Hazen has been without since 2006, program director Putnam said.

Putnam was the program’s director when Community Education was alive and well in Hazen from 2004-2006, and feels such a program is vital to propel a community forward.

"The purpose of community education is to provide both youth and adults enrichment programs," Putnam said. "It’s not just education, but enrichment."

Hazen Superintendent of Schools Mike Ness feels it’s the schools’ duty.

"We believe we are here for all people, not just kindergarten through 12th (students)," Ness said. We’re a community school, here to provide education and enrichment for everyone."

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