April 19, 2017

The new hospital is up and running

By Daniel Arens

It was a hectic time for staff, providers, administrators, and patients alike. Moving equipment, office supplies, and personnel from one hospital to another can be a taxing experience.
However, the move actually went more quickly than anticipated. In fact, Darrold Bertsch, Sakakawea Medical Center (SMC) CEO, said that some volunteers actually had to be turned away, since things moved quicker than the initial plan.
“We’re here, we’re functional,” Bertsch said. “Transfer of patient care went very well.”
Marie Mettler, public relations with SMC, reiterated Bertsch’s comments, saying that the whole process had been remarkably smooth for her and other staff members.
Bertsch said that there are some issues that still have to be smoothed out related to information technologies, and other little things could arise that require some work. But, overall, he was very pleased with how well the move worked.
“We certainly appreciated all that the staff did, and the volunteers,” Bertsch said. “It went quicker and better than we thought it would.”
“For a few months, patients will still have to access the new facility around the old one,” Berstch said. This will be the case until the old hospital is torn down.


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