September 24, 2014

Three family dogs killed by liquid poisoning agent

By Lee Coleman

The plot sounds like something out of a cheap horror movie, but last Monday, the dark side of human nature came to light when three family dogs, fenced in their owner’s backyard on Glacier Avenue, were poisoned to death when a substance, believed to be anti-freeze, was poured over a four-foot sheet panel fence into the yard and consumed by the dogs.
One of the dogs, Keaka, a 10-year old chow chow, was the first to die after the family put the dog down at home. The other two, Gator, a three-year old Australian shepherd, and Princess, a five-year old chow chow, were euthanized at the Buffalo Hills Veterinary Clinic in Beulah a few hours later.
According to the owners, Shilo and Angel Kilber, the dogs seemed to be okay around 6 p.m. last Monday. About 8 p.m., the dogs were fed as usual but only two dogs came into the feeding area.
“We didn’t notice anything unusual, but Kaeka didn’t come in for dinner,” said Angel. “My husband went outside and found him lying on the ground gasping for air. We didn’t realize it was poisoning. We took him next door to my father’s house and called the vet but it was too late. He died there.”
After the Kilber’s returned home, Shilo noticed the other two dogs had not eaten.


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