May 31, 2017

Three generations of Hazen racers

By Daniel Arens

One young man from Hazen is following the footsteps of his father and grandfather.
Gered Knoell participated in his first Enduro race in Underwood Saturday. This dirt track car contest attracts people from around the area with a passion for racing.
For Gered and his family, this first race is extra-special, as both Gered’s father Brent, and his grandfather Jerry, have previously competed in similar races in the area.
“Gered first got excited about [Enduro racing] last year, when he went to one of the races with Dustin [Wiedrich],” Brent said. “That’s what his dad was waiting for.”
“You race around the track for two hours or for two hundred laps, whichever comes first,” Gered said. Once the first-place car has completed 200 laps, the race ends for all competitors.
The tracks are a mile long, and wide enough for four cars abreast. The races try to push for 30 competitors.
Gered is racing a 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle. One way in which Gered honors his family’s legacy of racers is through use of the number on the side of his car.

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