April 18, 2018

Transforming pieces of tragedy into art of triumph

By Daniel Arens

Residents driving west of St. Martin’s Catholic Church in South Hazen will likely notice a new sentinel keeping silent watch over the nearby streets.
The sentinel is an eagle, finely crafted on the top of an old pine tree across the street from the church’s parking lot. In fact, the pine tree itself was cherished by the property owner, Jocelyn Sevre, but a severe wind storm several years ago knocked the tree down.
“It was a beautiful, beautiful tree,” Sevre said. “I didn’t realize that pine trees, well, some of them split. When the wind took it, it took of it, then I had to cut the other half down.”
However, Sevre didn’t have the heart to complete, remove the tree from her property. One section of the trunk remained standing, once a new idea came into her head.


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