February 3, 2016

Underground utility work to begin soon for new hospital

Work is scheduled to begin shortly on underground plumbing for the new Sakakawea Medical Center in Hazen.

Jim Cole, “Archistructor” and Superintendent with Neenan Archistruction, said underground utilities will start to be installed soon. The company’s plan of attack is to begin at the west end of the site and work their way to the east, with three “segments” of total area.

First, a plumber will come in to set up the plumbing and underground pipe system. As this portion of the project moves east, electrical work will begin in the western end and follow the plumbing. Finally, a third round from west to east will pour concrete.

Neenan Archistruction is providing both the design and construction for the new hospital. Currently, the “shell” of structural steel is complete, with roofi ng on but not yet fi nished. Neenan is also working on exterior framing and preparing to install windows.

Weather has a deep impact on projects like this but, so far, this winter has provided more aid than hurt to the company. There have only been two “weather days” Neenan has had to take since construction began, and the current warm temperatures are helping work to continue progressing smoothly.

Currently, the company is hoping for a target completion date on the new facility of late Sept. to Oct. 1, although the tearing down of the old hospital and the subsequent building of the large parking lot will occur after that point.

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