January 4, 2017

Update given on expansion project budget

By Daniel Arens

Work continues on the new courthouse and jail expansion in the midst of crazy winter weather. During the December meeting, the Mercer County Commission heard updates on the progress and costs of the project so far.
Unexpected archeological finds earlier in 2016 formed the major change order request in the budget. More than $300,000 was removed from the contingency fund to pay the excess costs, the vast majority of which covered the archeological finds. The original budget reserved $400,000 total for contingency, leaving about $92,000 in the fund to date.
It was noted that only around $13,000 of contingency funds was spent on change orders for minor setbacks or changes in the actual construction of the project.
Cameras will be set up in the existing courtroom for security, with the recording system budgeted in the project.


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