September 4, 2008

Vandals leave their mark on Hazen businesses

Vandals leave their mark on Hazen businesses Spray paint-wielding vandals hit several Hazen businesses Tuesday night, in some instances leaving vulgar phrases and images to be cleaned up by the business’ employees Wednesday morning. Among those victimized were J & L Automotive & Recovery, Krause’s SuperValu, Vern’s Body Shop and a City storage shed behind Hazen City Hall. The three businesses sit on the south side of Main Street, Hazen, between Fourth Avenue Northeast and Third Avenue Northwest, and were discovered by Sgt. Jim Wolff of the Hazen Police Department early Wednesday morning. “(Vandalism) is just stuff we don’t need here,” said Joe Cuccia, owner of J & L Automotive and Recovery. “It’s a problem.” And to help combat that problem, Cuccia is offering an award of an undisclosed amount to anyone who provides information leading to their arrest and conviction. He urges the public to notify police department if any suspicious activity is seen or heard. “Whoever it is needs to take responsibility for the damages they’ve caused,” Cuccia said. “The police department is doing everything they can, but the (vandals) are always just one step ahead. They’re not stupid.”

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