November 29, 2017

Vision West receives $500,000 grant

By Kate Johnson

It pays to work together, and Vision West is a direct recipient of that. Vision West ND, along with Dunn County, will receive a grant for $500,000 from the Bush Foundation.
Vision West applied for this grant in two ways. One, on their own asking for $50,000, and two, with Dunn County, asking for $500,000. In November, they were informed they would be receiving $500,000. Of seven selected award winners, Vision West was one of two North Dakota award recipients that were selected.
The Bush Foundation supports businesses, communities, and innovative projects that have a wide range of possibilities. Only rural areas can apply for the Foundation’s funding, because rural is where their primary focus is.
Vision West and Dunn County were chosen as grant recipients because of the unique partnership the two entities have and the consortium that makes up Vision West. Vision West started out as a coalition that was formed to tackle issues in the oil and coal industry.
The Bush Foundation stated that Vision West ND is the largest collaborative in the state’s history. Vision West has grown to include 19 counties, state and federal agencies, energy industry representatives, regional planning councils, chambers of commerce, economic development groups, universities, and the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation. Dunn County’s partnership with Vision West allows it to function as Vision West’s fiscal agent at no charge.


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