January 18, 2017

Watching the rain, reporting the snow

By Daniel Arens

As storms, blizzards, and other weather events draw near their own communities, most people go to their televisions or computers to get the latest forecast. They also track the route of the weather system so that they know the chances of it striking their neighborhood.
However, when it comes to sudden weather systems and on-the-ground immediate reports, organizations like the National Weather Service rely on information from local residents. Three residents in the Hazen area are among those who provide such information.
Brad Quenette, Judy Dinkins, and Faye Baker are all involved with CoCoRaHS, an online website that provides up-to-the-minute details on weather.
On the CoCoRaHS website, Quenette is ND-MR-7, Dinkins is ND-MR-2, and Baker is ND-MR-4.
“It’s kind of interesting to see what my rain level is compared to Judy or Faye,” Quenette said.


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