September 18, 2013

Water board finds maps for Lake Shore

Still needs to find how much drains

Mercer County Water Resource board members have obtained maps that could help prevent flooding at Lake Shore Estates. But the development is still in deep waters.

“The key to draining is showing the natural flow of a drain,” said Greg Lange, board secretary and treasurer, adding the board will have to show how much drains.
The board Thursday in Hazen approved a survey on the drain estimated at $5,000. It would help determine a drain north of Lake Shore, which drains northwest into Lake Sakakawea.
The board has spent several meetings discussing flood prevention at the residential plot north of Beulah after it flooded in July. A thunderstorm dropped approximately 6 inches of rain in one hour, flooding six homes and garages. This is the third time since 2009 the area flooded from melting snow and rainfall.
The drain was plugged by trees and soil, board President Ed Grunett said. The survey would help the board determine how to remedy flooding.

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