April 30, 2014

Water board holding its collective breath...again

By Lee Coleman

With spring comes spring showers but, in the case of a torrential spring downpour amassing four or five inches of rainfall in a short period of time at the Lake Shore Estates near the Dakota’s Water Resort north of Beulah, the omnipresent threat of flooding in the community could again rear its ugly head until a permanent solution to the problem is completed.
The flooding problem at Lake Shore didn’t just happen overnight, it became a figment of frustration as time has gone along.
The development happened during a relatively dry period of time and some lots were developed in a closed basin area that was dry at the time but has gotten very wet in the last few years.
As a result, Mercer County Water Resource Board attorney Greg Lange explained, the most recent addition of houses have gotten close to the pond area and at present, there isn’t a natural water outlet.
“Because of the wet years we’ve been having, that water has built up higher and higher,” Lange said. “It has just been a constant headache for those people who live close to it.”


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