May 5, 2010

'Weekend with the Arts'

"Celebrate the Arts," an annual scholarship fundraiser for Spotlight the Arts, consisted of both students and adults presenting speech, instrumental, vocal and dance performances.

The event was held Sunday at Hazen High School Theater. For video of HHS students and Victoria's Dance Studio students Bethany Weinand, Taylor Hougum-Carr and Ashley Hopper dancing to the mesmerizing melody of "O Fortuna," click the following link:

Following is a list of the winners from the HACA's 42nd annual Hazen Art Show, listed by Award Division, Artist, and Title of Artwork:

Best of Show: Professional; Sam Coleman; One Fine Day

Best of Show: Adult Amateur; Charity Newman; Chores All Done

Best of Show: Student; Josten Hafner; WWII Trainer

People's Choice: Professional; Sam Coleman; Flower Girl

People's Choice: Adult Amateur; Marilyn Garrett; The Entrance of Thy Word Giveth Light

People's Choice: Student, Deanna Ziegler, Keys to My Heart

Mayor's Choice: Adult; Vicki Benzmiller; Young Girl

Delores Amsden Award: Adult Amateur; Donna Zander; Feeding Time

Delores Amsden Award: Student; Evan Eliason; Tracks in the Sand

Dr. Singh Award: Marilyn Garrett; The Entrance of Thy Word Giveth Light


Adult Amateur Animal: 1st Verna Jensen; Asia

Adult Amateur Animal: 2nd Donna Zander Puppy

Adult Amateur Animal 3rd James Skinner Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus


Adult Amateur Catch-All 1st Heather Weesner Hear the Flowers

Adult Amateur Catch-All 2nd Gordon Isaak Suspended Wood Bowl With Lid

Adult Amateur Catch-All 3rd Dorothy Neuberger Mabrey Mill


Adult Amateur Landscape 1st Sharon Haag Overlooking (Saw)

Adult Amateur Landscape 2nd Marilyn Garrett My Mom with Kittens

Adult Amateur Landscape 3rd Donna Berger Follow the Trail


Adult Amateur Portrait 1st Charity Newman Chores All Done

Adult Amateur Portrait 2nd Marilyn Garrett Emily

Adult Amateur Portrait 3rd Charles Gitter Samantha & Her Shadow


Adult Amateur Still Life 1st Marilyn Gitter The Entrance of Thy Word Giveth Light

Adult Amateur Still Life 2nd Charles Gitter Brown Bag and Plum

Adult Amateur Still Life 3rd Charles Gitter Basket of Vegetables


Adult Amateur Photography 1st Karlene Voeller Gina

Adult Amateur Photography 2nd Karlene Voeller Glorious Sunset

Adult Amateur Photography 3rd Julie Van Inwagen Sophie

Professional Landscape/Still Life 1st Sam Coleman One Fine Day

Professional Landscape/Still Life 2nd Sam Coleman Prairie Winds

Professional Landscape/Still Life 3rd Cheryl Neely Vantage Point


Professional Portrait/Animal 1st Sam Coleman Flower Girl

Professional Portrait/Animal 2nd Elvera Hintz Slow Poke

Professional Portrait/Animal 3rd Audrey Bauer Taking a Break



Pre-School & Kindergarten 1st Kayla Gierke Calla Lilly

Pre-School & Kindergarten 2nd Kayla Gierke Rugged Cross

Pre-School & Kindergarten 3rd Trysten Buchfinck T-Rex on the Prowl


Student Grades 1 & 2 1st Sydney Buchfinck Spring is Coming

Student Grades 1 & 2 2nd Tia Horning My Pig "Wilbur"

Student Grades 1 & 2 3rd Tia Horning Friends


Student Grades 3 & 4 1st Kylee Cline Shades of Orange

Student Grades 3 & 4 2nd Sean Gierke Cally Lilly

Student Grades 3 & 4 3rd Kylee Cline Pretty Flowers


Student Grades 5 & 6 1st Josten Hafner WWII Trainer

Student Grades 5 & 6 2nd Josten Hafner P-40 Tomahawk

Student Grades 5 & 6 3rd Weston Cline Flowers in the Sunlight


Student Grades 7 & 8 1st Rachel Eliason Spring Fever

Student Grades 7 & 8 2nd Daniel Harildstad The Yellow Submarine


Student Grades 9--12 1st Crystal Bornemann Hued

Student Grades 9--12 2nd Courtney Ost Black and White Flowers

Student Grades 9--12 3rd DeeAnna Ziegler Keys to My Heart


Various other gift certificates and cash prizes were awarded from local businesses.


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