August 31, 2016

Weiler discusses salary options for county

By Daniel Arens

Tanya Weiler came to discuss the specific flow chart which lies behind the employee pay plan she has worked to develop for Mercer County.
“It was really difficult to find good comparisons for you guys,” Weiler admitted. She said that different demographic and economic factors in the county make comparing it to larger counties sensible for some issues, and comparing it to smaller counties more understandable for other issues.
Taking into account these factors, Weiler presented the commission with a salary study showing options for how to bring each position into 100 percent, 95 percent, and 90 percent compliance with the market.
Reaching 100 percent of market for every position would cost the county about $186,000 annually, while 95 percent of market would cost $99,000, and 90 percent would cost $32,000. Weiler said the commission could raise some positions to 100 percent and other positions to other numbers if they chose.
A chart at the end of the study provides a basis of comparing a specific county position with the years of service that employee has had to determine monthly wages.
These charts are a work in progress. Weiler said many positions are so unique within Mercer County that she cannot develop an estimated market value for the position without further information about the responsibilities accompanying that position. Several categories were left blank since Weiler has not yet received enough information to formulate how that position’s pay should work.


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