July 25, 2018

Where the dash is most important

By Daniel Arens

There’s a new business arriving on Hazen’s Main Street. Its hope is to bring something new to the community, while continuing the legacy of what was before.
New owners have come into Spend Thrift, bringing with them a change in name and, soon, a change in face. Darrell and Breanne Slavick and Mitch and Mariah Usselman opened the doors of “The Dash” July 18. Breanne and Mariah are sisters themselves.
Breanne Slavick noted that the new name comes from what she considers the most important element on a person’s tombstone: the dash between the year of birth and year of death. While the rest of the stone contains simple information about the person, the dash signifies the years in which that person walked the world, and when whatever legacy he or she left behind was made.

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