April 16, 2014

Wiedrich chosen to perform in Medora Musical

By Lee Coleman

Delanie Wiedrich, 17, a senior at Hazen High School, has been selected to perform with the Burning Hills Singers in the Medora Musical  from May through September.
Wiedrich was one of six women and six men picked from over 1,200 auditions for the coveted spots in the long running musical.
“This is my first professional job,” Wiedrich said. “They auditioned over 1,200 people and I was very excited to be selected as one of the Burning Hills Singers.”
Wiedrich will leave school early and start rehearsals on May 9, one day after her 18th birthday. The musical will run through Sept. 6 and two days later, Wiedrich will enroll in college at Minnesota State University-Mankato where she will seek a Bachelor of Science Arts degree in Musical and Theater performance.
Her goal is to perform on Broadway in New York City. She sings with a mezzo-soprano/belter voice that concentrates on higher notes on the register.


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