June 24, 2015

Wiedrich is Miss North Dakota

By Daniel Arens

“It’s every emotion that you could possibly feel wrapped into one single moment.”
This was how Delanie Wiedrich described her initial response when it was announced she had won the Miss North Dakota pageant June 13. She went on to list just some of these emotions: excitement, shock, confusion, fear, and heartbreak (for the other competitors).
Wiedrich had been telling herself that she did not think she would win, because of her interactions with the other competitors and her realization of what they had to offer. She was both overwhelmed and gratified when the results were announced.
“This is not just a victory for myself; this is a victory for the entire community of Hazen,” Wiedrich said, and thanked the community for allowing her to use the school off-hours for practice and for helping host five mock interviews for her.
Wiedrich’s family attended the ceremony, including one grandmother who flew in from California. A man sitting in front of her family had to cover his ears when the announcement was made, because their response was so exuberant.
Wiedrich said her family’s presence throughout the process has been tremendous, describing both her parents as more athletic than artistic, but always fully supportive of the path she is taking in her life.
Wiedrich only began to be involved in pageantry when she competed for Miss Dickinson 2014. She had never considered actively being a participant before a friend encouraged her to compete. Once she did, she began to realize the pageant is about more than the crown.
“It’s about being a well-rounded individual, having a servant’s heart,” Wiedrich said.
After competing for Miss Dickinson, Wiedrich made the tough decision to perform in the Medora Musical rather than compete at the state pageant that year. She said she does not regret the decision, as the musical demands high energy and work from its participants to perform daily shows all summer. These demands helped prepare her for the level of work needed to compete in the pageant.
“It forces you, in the best way possible, to grow up very quickly,” Wiedrich said about her involvement in the musical.

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