February 1, 2017

Work on housing development underway

By Daniel Arens

With many projects and opportunities around the area, there are plenty of incentives for people to come to Hazen to live. One thing is needed, however: good housing.
Now, a long-term project is underway to bring a large variety of new houses to the area.
Expedition Estates, a residential development south of Main Street and east of the Lewis and Clark RV Park, has the potential to bring 45 lots to Hazen long-term.
Currently, there are four homes that are under construction, two of them single family homes and two twin homes.
“I guess we got something for all ages and all styles,” Darrell Wurl, Expedition Estates developer, said.
These houses are slab-on-grade, a structural design where the concrete slab foundation is formed from a mold in the ground. This means that steps are not necessary to reach the main floor of the house, which will benefit elderly residents.


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