January 17, 2018

Works of Hazen residents, displayed where all can see

By Daniel Arens

Hazen’s library has long prided itself as a place for more than simply books. Of course, books are the bread and butter of the facility, but the library also desires to be a place for the community to gather.
As 2018 begins, a new addition to this community spirit side of the library is the presence of artwork in the current computer room. Each month, a featured area artist will display his or her artwork in the building, giving anyone a chance to see the talent in the community.
The Hazen Art and Craft Association (HACA) is coordinating the event, featuring a member’s artwork on the walls in the computer room. In January, the artist is Verna Jensen.
“I’m now stuck on watercolor,” Jensen said. Throughout her life, she has worked with oils, decorative art, and acrylics, but for the last 20 years watercolor art has been her passion.
Jensen explained that her artistic creations are inspired by something she finds significant. The artwork itself testifies to just how diverse an array of things can catch her imagination.
Among the most prized of her work are two portraits of her grandchildren Trey and Emma. The portrait of Trey features the boy with his dog, while Emma’s painting (entitled “Big Shoes to Fill”) shows her in her grandfather’s boots.

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