April 30, 2009

A strange case of Jekyll and Hyde

Beulah-Hazen baseball coach Bob Koch may not have read the novel "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" recently but the title might have had a short residence in the back of his mind. In the Miners two contests this week, two separate teams showed up at the field, strangely wearing the same jerseys.

Minot 2, Beulah-Hazen 1

B-H traveled to Minot April 21 for a WDA conference game and Koch had nothing but praises for his team that took the field with fiery.

Minot jumped on the slow start of the Miner mound to bring in a score in the first inning and add another in the second. But Koch said he saw the calm and determination he has been waiting for in his pitching staff as Lucas Senke hunkered down and played within the strike zone.

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