November 1, 2017

Beulah-Hazen runs fast at state

By Jarann Johnson

Beulah-Hazen didn’t drive home from the state meet in Valley City with any trophies or all-state plaques last weekend. But they still had plenty of smiles on their faces.
Beulah-Hazen head coach Mary Hoherz said her team recorded multiple personal bests at the course, which made her feel good about their performance. The boys were 6th overall and the girls were 16th overall.
“I was totally happy. I think there were three kids total who did not PR [run a personal best]. You take Katie Duttenhefer, just her look at the beginning of the race. She was so zoned in, she was on a mission.”
That is senior leadership. Katie has been a phenomenal senior leader throughout the whole season,” Hoherz said. “I went up and hugged her, and said ‘that’s how a senior goes out. It was just amazing what you did.’”
Duttenhefer led the girls by taking 31st out of 260 runners in 21 minutes and 18.4 seconds. Hoherz said Duttenhefer’s leadership was a great tool and helped young eighth-grader Shenise Klein come along strongly.
Klein finished 38th overall in 21 minutes 37.8 seconds. Hoherz said Klein’s the type of kid coaches love to have on their roster.   


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