February 27, 2019

Beulah routes Hazen in season finale

By Jarann Johnson

Early on the Beulah and Hazen boys matchup looked like it was going to be a classic but midway through the first quarter Beulah exploded for a 12-0 run, which helped them pick up a 73-47 Friday night road win.
Hazen and Beulah traded baskets at the start of the game, going back and forth. With Hazen leading 9-8 it looked like both teams were going to fight for control of the game all night but suddenly the game trajectory changed.
Beulah freshman guard Trey Brandt hit a 3-pointer putting Beulah up 11-9. Sean Gierke, a Beulah senior guard, scored off a Hazen turnover and fellow senior Chad Morsette hit a 3-pointer quickly bringing Beulah’s run to 8-0.

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