July 1, 2015

Beulah tops Hazen in interclass play

By Jarann Johnson
Last Thursday didn’t look like a good day to play baseball. The sky turned a gray color and water poured out of the sky with intentions to flood at 5 p.m. Luckily, by 7:30 the sky showed a different demeanor, one nice enough to allow Hazen and Beulah to play a legion game last week.
The game, only delayed by 30 minutes, went as scheduled on Beulah’s home field.
For Hazen it was one of those days that it just didn’t seem to go right. Beulah hit very well in the game, going 15-of-35 as a team. Josh Remmick, Beulah starting pitcher, seemed intent on making sure that everyone in the stands knew which Josh he was because he was playing against Hazen starting pitcher, Josh Snyder.
Remmick went 3-for-4 batting with 3 RBIs to lead Beulah’s offense, which batted in eight runs. Mikey Morris had two, Devin Sardelli, Braydon Nelson, and Dain Sardelli each had one and also batted in RBIs during the game.  
Beulah also received a very strong batting performance from Matt Schnabel. Schnabel went 3-for-3 during the game and Nelson added a 2-for-3 performance.
At the end of the game Beulah batting stats stood out very strong: .429 batting percentage, .553 on base percentage, 15 hits, and eight left on base. Hazen didn’t have the same type of luck.
Hazen hit the ball well enough to win with seven hits, but left six on base and also committed five errors. The errors hurt Hazen most, but Josh Remmick was also strong.

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