July 12, 2012

Chase for softball perfection is on

Two teams, still have perfect records in our local softball league. Hazen Cenex/Universal and Hazen Highway Express/Subway are the only two undefeated teams in rec-league play. Only time will tell if either of these teams has the special 1972 Miami Dolphinesque perfection ingredient that the New England Patriots have failed to find.
Hazen Cenex/Universal Athletic swept Dakota Westmoreland/Sportsmans 12-1 and 17-10 to remain perfect, but the Hazen Cenex/Universal Athletics-Magic Tricks/Night Owl series results weren’t available for print. Magic Tricks/Nite Owl is 2-10 but anything is possible they may have made their season by ruining a perfect season. Next week will have the results of that game.

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