August 8, 2018

College catch up: Steph Ziegler

By Jarann Johnson

Steph Ziegler will be a junior at UND this fall. During her first two years on campus, she was a member of the UND volleyball team. Ziegler, a Hazen High School alum, reached the highest level of college volleyball offered in the state.
Her path to NCAA Division 1 volleyball wasn’t paved with scholarship offers but she did find a way to secure a roster spot at UND. Ziegler said her path to Division 1 volleyball started during her third year of high school.
“When I was a junior in high school I decided I wanted to get going on recruiting, so I signed up with a recruiting site. They helped me put together a highlight video and get my stats together. Then I went to about five volleyball camps all over North Dakota and South Dakota,” Ziegler said.
“The last camp I went to was UND. At each camp, I talked to the coaches and I talked to Mark Pryor [UND Head Coach] and he gave me his card and told me to call him when I got home. I did and he told me there was a position open on his team.”
Ziegler said her recruitment as a walk-on featured everything except a scholarship offer. Making the decision to accept the non-scholarship offer was easy for Ziegler.
“He told me he knew who I was and that he had been watching me through high school. He offered me a spot and I obviously took it. I was going to go to UND no matter what, so I figured why not play volleyball and go to school,” Ziegler said.

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