August 1, 2018

College Catchup: Austin Cieslak

By Jarann Johnson

Austin Cieslak dominated North Dakota Class A football and helped Hazen win the state title during the 2013 fall. Cieslak is hoping to have another dominant senior season at the University of North Dakota this year.
Cieslak said his journey from small-town freshman to experienced defensive lineman has gone fast.
“It’s been crazy, it’s been fast. I feel like I just got to Grand Forks. It’s been interesting, to say the least. I got here and I was underdeveloped. I didn’t know a lot about football at all. I feel like my football knowledge has grown a ton. I’ve learned a lot and I’m 100 percent ready for the season because my coaches trust me a lot more now than when I got here,” Cieslak said.
Cieslak said the key to developing and becoming a complete player at UND has been getting his hands in the right position. UND’s D-line coach, Jordan Gigli, has helped Cieslak improve a lot as a lineman.


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