September 11, 2008

Enough is enough for the Bison win

By Robyn Rohde
Some games are superb, some games are horrible and some games are just enough. Playing two to three matches a week, not to mention tournaments, for three months is bound to wear anyone out. And that’s just how the Lady Bison felt last Thursday as they traveled the long road to Des Lacs-Burlington for a non-conference match with the Patriots.
Behind a .159 hitting efficiency, the games may not have been the best the Bison have played but sometimes your best isn’t necessary.
“The team earned a 3-0 victory, despite the sub-par performance,” head coach Kim Wolf said. “We just weren’t very sharp in any aspect of the game. Our passing definitely struggled and we didn’t do much to improve the ball on our sets or attacks. Never-the-less, the girls hung tough, played together and did what they needed to, to get the win.”
And the win marks the sixth on the season for Hazen who has been in control of most of their opponents thus far. The number one reason for that is the wide variety of options the Bison have in their arsenal.
“We’re going to continue getting playing time, just keep moving forward,” Wolf said. “We’re running a few different plays and getting more comfortable.”

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