October 24, 2018

Hazen almost pulls off upset

By Jarann Johnson

Hazen had Velva right where they wanted after a 20-yard Isaac Doll touchdown run. They were up 8-6 heading into the halftime break. Hazen tried to hold on for a playoff upset but Velva prevailed 24-8 for the win.
One of the big reasons for the momentum switch was an injury. Senior lineman and captain Jacob Klein suffered an injury. Once he was out of the game Velva pounded the ball to the left side of their line.
Hazen had trouble stopping Velva running the ball on left side of the field. Hazen head coach Brett Johnsrud said his team came out of the halftime break hoping to run the ball but couldn’t block Velva.
“We were hoping to come out, ground and pound it. Take some time off the clock, work our way down the field. Unfortunately with Klein getting hurt in the first series on defense that left us a bit limited on the offensive line. We just didn’t get the job done up front, getting to everyone and they are well coached. They took advantage of that,” Johnsrud said.

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