February 7, 2018

Hazen dominates Beulah in rivalry game

By Jarann Johnson

When Beulah and Hazen met in girls action for a non-regional game last week two things were clear. For home team Hazen fans it was clearly their day and for away Beulah fans it clearly wasn’t their day. Hazen crunched Beulah for a 60-18 home win.
Beulah’s offense was anemic in the first period. Beulah only scored four points in the first period and their best player, junior Erin Walcker, was held scoreless. Beulah got the more offensive juice flowing in the second period but it still wasn’t pretty.
Walcker scored two points and the team managed to string together five points. All in all, Hazen ended the first half with a 39-9 lead. Hazen head coach John Ward said his team’s defensive execution is partly because they bought in and worked hard.

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