November 6, 2018

Hazen falls in rematch with New England

By Jarann Johnson

Hazen swept New England during the regular season. But they knew the postseason meeting would be different
Hazen was at home for their regular season sweep over New England. Last Friday in the first round of the Region 7 tournament they were at New England.
New England is 5-3 at home this year and they took advantage of their home court advantage topping Hazen 3-1: 18-25, 16-25, 26-24, 19-25.
Heading into the matchup Hazen head coach Allison Smith said her team had to be consistent to come out with a win.
“We knew we just had to be consistent – passing and hitting. Making sure we were reducing our errors there. I felt like we kind of would be consistent halfway through – right around 14-15-16 points and then we would kind of lax up a bit. I think that’s where we ran into trouble,” Smith said.
Hazen didn’t find that consistency during the first two sets. They started off the match a little slow, which wasn’t a shocker. They were on the road and had a slow start. They lost the first set  25-18. Set 2 started better for Hazen and after three consecutive aces by Paige Erhardt, they led 13-7.

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