October 23, 2013

Hazen takes top seed and championship

Bison charge
through Cowboys

By Jarann Johnson
Parking at Hazen High School football games this season hasn’t been a problem. But for the season finale, most people had to park a bit away for the game. For most the long walk was worth it.
The chance to see the No. 1 team – Hazen – in the state take on the No. 2 team – Killdeer – with a region championship on the line was like hot chocolate on a cold winter day. It was something many can’t pass up.   
Big plays are always needed in big games. The Bison didn’t have to wait long for their first big play of the game. Jonah Zimmerman, sophomore linebacker, grabbed a tipped pass for an interception on the third play of the game.
Then the Bison had to wait a little bit for their next big play. It came just in time, on third-and-5 at the 25-yard line. Senior running back Briar Bornemann broke a tackle and out raced Killdeer’s defense for the team’s first score of the game, giving his team a 6-0 lead, Hunter Fears made the point after attempt.
The Bison didn’t have to wait long for their next big play. About 7 seconds rolled off the play clock when the Bison forced a fumble – they failed to recover it – and the first quarter ended with both teams exchanging punts.
Killdeer looked poised to tie the game early in the second quarter. Austin Cieslak, senior linebacker, and Austin Hintz, junior lineman, were both getting injury treatment on the sidelines and Killdeer was on the 25-yard line looking to score.

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