November 8, 2016

Hazen wins Region 7 tourney opener

By Jarann Johnson

Sometimes teams get comfortable in the postseason. Teams feel great about their regular season finish and a hungry underdog comes and knocks them down during the postseason.
Hazen looked like they were going to suffer one of those losses early on against New England but they recovered late in the first set to win the set and produce a sweep.
Hazen swept New England at home earlier this year and entered Monday night’s matchup with confidence. Hazen was the No. 3 seed and New England was the No. 6 seed.
Hazen found themselves down 18-16 early in the first set but managed to recover for a tough 25-23 win. The next two sets went as planned and Hazen won both 25-15 to advance to the semifinals where they will face Mott-Regent.


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