December 7, 2016

Highlights set to perform

By Jarann Johnson

The Hazen Highlights have a new coach this year but are hoping to keep Hazen’s strong dance tradition going. New Head Coach Jenny Beam is hoping to help Hazen trophy this season.
The Highlights will definitely be doing three routines this season but there is a chance that they will push for four routines this season if they can master hip-hop. Head Coach Jenny Beam said her team’s plan is to either do 3 or 4 routines.
“We can do up to four routines. I let them decide – What  are your strong ones?  What do you enjoy doing the most. I took on their interest, rather then anything. They wanted to stay away from hip-hop because it’s not their strong suit. Now that they’ve seen a lot of hip-hop since we’ve gone to other competitions they want to do hip-hop,” Beam said.


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