February 5, 2014

Let the good times roll

By Jarann Johnson

The Bison aren’t playing any games when they take the court. The Bison are playing to win. Last week Hettinger-Scranton and Mott-Regent found out about the Bison’s home court advantage first hand. The Bison’s home record is 10-0.
The Bison knocked off Hettinger-Scranton 75-67 first on Tuesday. The Bison didn’t have an easy time with Hettinger-Scranton though. Early in the game it was close but the Bison had the lead 20-19. In the second period the Bison got their lead up to four points but it was still close 39-35.
Hettinger-Scranton was staying in the game with really strong 3-point shooting. Hettinger-Scranton was 7 of 10 on 3s in the first half, accounting for almost a third of their points. The Bison were struggling on 3-pointers going 1 of 7 in the first half.
The second half saw Hettinger-Scranton cool off on 3-pointers. Hettinger-Scranton was only 2 of 7 in the second half and the Bison were 2 of 5. When Hettinger-Scranton stopped beating the Bison with the 3-ball and had trouble rebounding the game shifted in favor of the Bison.
The Bison won 75-67 and leading scorers were Austin Cieslak (24) and Wyatt Car (14). The win was good for the Bison but they weren’t done facing hot shooters.

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