July 2, 2014

Local legends riding into sunset

By Jarann Johnson

A lot of coaches wouldn’t jump at the chance to coach with their spouse every day. Those extra two hours together every day in a competitive atmosphere might seem like a quarrel zone. But, for Kathy and Darrell Berglund, it wasn’t a constant quarrel zone it was a success zone.
The Berglunds combined for 10 state championships, 14 runners-up finishes at the state meet and five third place finishes at the state meet. The most impressive feat is Kathy’s ability to lead her team to regional championships.
Hazen won 18 out of 19 Region 5 girls championships. But the boys also did well winning nine Region 5 championships. Most would think that means that both coaches had a traditional golf background – playing as a kid then through high school and beyond. But for Kathy it wasn’t so, she came from the golf-schmolf athletic lineage.
Darrell had the traditional golfing background and broke Kathy into the sport by using romance and marriage.
“I played golf in high school and we had a high school golf team. I also played some golf in college. Long story short, golf has always been a part of what I’ve done. Then when Kathy and I started going together it was sort of like, you know, ‘she better take up golf or ….,” Darrell said.
Kathy held off on golf at first because it just looked like an advanced game of human fetch – hit the ball, then chase the ball.
“I had never touched a club till we got married, and I thought it was the dumbest game in the world. Hit a ball and walk after it,” Kathy said.
Even though she found it boring, she thought walking on the golf course would be a good way to exercise while Darrell was out golfing. But soon she realized it was a tougher game then catch and fetch, and began to respect the game.

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