March 26, 2014

Local skaters excited to show off skills

By Jarann Johnson

Most people watched the Sochi Olympics on TV this year and more than a few watched the ice skating events. Well, there’s good news if you’re an ice skating fan or just casually interested in the sport. This Saturday and Sunday, the Hazen Figure Skating Club will be putting on an ice show.
The Ice show will feature 28 skaters from three of the club’s different skill groups. One group will be the basic skaters and the free skaters, which has about 20 members. The other group will be the advanced group, which has about eight skaters.
The advanced group shared their excitement for the show  and gave some hints about the show. The biggest hints the group on why the show will be interesting involving superheroes, costumes, and showing off their hard work.  
Teanna Hintz didn’t pause when asked what she was excited for. “I get to be Ironman,” Hintz said excitedly before adding, “I’m excited to see all the costumes.” Teaenna’s older sister, Abbie, had a harder time narrowing down what excited her about the ice show. “I’m excited for the whole thing,” she said. “The costumes and all the little kids—little kids are cute.”


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