November 20, 2013

‘That’s another Bison state title!’

By Jarann Johnson

All year long people outside the Bison locker room voiced their opinions about the Bison’s chance of repeating as state champs and going undefeated.
But inside the locker room there were no opinions; just focus and hard work. All the Bison football players’ hard work and focus ended in a state championship title Friday.
The Bison topped Milnor-North Sargent 20-0, ending all opinions and thoughts about the 2013 football season. Throughout the year Bison fans were worried by a few teams. Two of those teams were Killdeer and Des Lacs-Burlington.
Killdeer made fans nervous because of their team speed and Des Lacs-Burlington made fans nervous because of their size. But Milnor-North Sargent had the most balanced mesh of speed and size out of the bunch.  

Those teeth cringing worries weren’t eliminated early in the game. Milnor-North Sargent drove the ball to the Bison’s 17-yard line on their first drive of the game. But the Bison defense tightened up, not allowing Milnor-North Sargent to score.

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