April 2, 2010

Martial arts promotes three new black belts

Mercer County was the site of high kicking, hard punching, body slamming and fast-swinging nunchuku and bo staff action as three red belt TaeKwonDo students were promoted to black belt level during a grueling testing March 20.

Emily Krizan, Matthew Krizan and Lindsey Pouliot are now certified as poom (junior black belts) by the Kukkiwon World TaeKwonDo Headquarters in Korea. Fourth degree black belt Master Joe Friedlander conducted the testing, assisted by second degree black belt Jeremy Buchmann and junior black belts Connor Babcock, Alec Babcock and Austin Babcock.

Several years of training have paid off for the teenage achievers. They handled every challenge that Master Joe threw at them, including more than a dozen different board breaks.

“Perseverance was their key to success,” said Friedlander. “They demonstrated the awesome power of never giving up, aiming for a goal, and sticking to it. They should be very proud of their achievement.”

Click here for video of recent training.

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