August 21, 2013

Roughrider CrossFit knocks out round two

Roughrider CrossFit knocks out round two
By Jarann Johnson
If you watch ESPN and you’ve seen a bunch of people competing in what looks like a fitness contest and it’s not the Strongman Competition chances are you’ve seen CrossFit. But television land isn’t the only place that CrossFits happens. CrossFit training happens locally at Roughrider CrossFit in the Beulah Fit Club.
The group was started up by Nate Brunsell last year and had about 10-15 members at that time. Now they’re up to about 30 members with varying age levels. Samantha Mead is a 19-year-old college hockey athlete from Hazen that represents the groups youngest demographic. The group’s eldest demographic is comprised of two females in their 50s and one 56-year-old male, Orlan Jackson.

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