August 13, 2009

Summer tournament encourages volleyball coach’s confidence

Hazen’s volleyball program is heading into a year of unprecedented change as first-year head coach Linette Irwin takes the reins. The former longtime assistant coach also sees a few vacant positions on the court as for the first time in six seasons a player from the Beecher household will not be slated as the setter. Brittany Beecher was the Bison setter her junior and senior seasons before her younger sister Briana took over the job for the length of her high school career. Renowned as one of the best set of hands in the state, Briana Beecher graduated last spring and hung up her volleyball aspirations for a college education. Another notable loss includes libero Macall Wimer who will be wearing a Williston State College uniform this season.

All that change can leave a coaching staff a little nervous but not Irwin. After a two-day preview of coming attractions, Hazen left the 2009 Summer Slam Team Volleyball Tournament in second place in the upper division gold tournament.

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