February 8, 2017

Trying to build a hockey program

By Jarann Johnson

The Hazen-Beulah North Stars have been trying to become a relevant hockey team in the WDA for many years. The team is at disadvantage because of their enrollment compared to all the Class A schools in the class but this season was the toughest for the club in recent memory.
North Stars’ Head Coach Dan Frei faced a tough situation when he stepped on the ice during the preseason. Frei’s best players were all gone because of graduation, transfers or simply finding other interest.
With such vast roster turnover and lack of numbers it was obvious the 2016-17 season was going to be one focused on skill development. Frei said the team’s overall skill level has vastly improved.
“I think every player has developed. The skill set to start the year compared to where it is now is not anywhere near the same,” Frei said.
“I just made a comment about it yesterday. We probably had the best practice of the year yesterday, as far as the players’ ability to execute the required skills of the drill in a way that the drill is able to be completed.”

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