March 2, 2016

20th annual Dinner & Dance


For the twentieth year in a row, the Washburn Dollars for Scholars board is putting on a Dinner and Dance for the community, allowing attendees to slip into the world of "Gone With The Wind" in a night of themed food, decor and entertainment.

Dollars for Scholars board member Donna Gunderson helping put together the March 12 event and in charge of decorating.

"I don’t do it by myself. What we’ve changed it to is a decorating committee and a program committee," Gunderson said. "So we kind of break it into sections. We all work together. All the board members have their jobs and we have a lot of community people who help us do this."

Gunderson, who has been on the board since 1995, said that decorating the Dinner Dance has become almost a family tradition.

"My grandchildren over the years say, ‘we have an idea for the dinner dance’ because I’ve been working on it for so long that it’s just part of our lives," Gunderson said.

Over the years, themes have ranged from places, like different countries and U.S. states, to time periods. This year’s theme will be topped off with a "Gone With The Wind" menu, all served by volunteer students from Washburn High School.

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