February 12, 2014

3 or 4 minutes: That's how long it would take to make a drug buy in Washburn

By Roger Bailey
Contributing writer

The most pertinent question of the night?

"How available are illegal drugs in our town," the Washburn student asked Deputy Cody Meadows of the McLean County Sheriff’s Department.

"It would only take me three or four minutes to buy marijuana or meth (methamphetamine) - if they didn’t know I was a cop," Meadows told the young man and some 65 of his friends and fellow students.

The exchange took place last Wednesday evening at an event hosted by the youth of Washburn United Methodist Church and attended by youth group members of the other Washburn churches - numbering, with adults at the session, to almost 90. A similar event a year ago drew 45.

Meadows, who joined the department in 2007, is the department’s lead narcotics officer and handler of Jack, the department’s four-year-old drug sniffing black Labrador. Leading the session with Meadows was Jill Wiese of Washburn, a registered nurse at Sanford and a 34-year EMT with the Washburn Area Ambulance Service, and a leader of the Methodist youth.

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