May 8, 2014

51st Annual Masonic Banquet

By Cheryl McCormack

Masons are a group of men who enjoy sharing the virtues of honesty, morality, integrity and tolerance.

They are contributors, not necessarily monetarily, but by living their lives in such a manner that the world is a better place because they lived in it.

It is with this belief that the Masons of the Fellowship Lodge No. 122 honored 50 students from the Washburn and Wilton communities on April 28.

In addition to Washburn and Wilton, 35 students from Turtle Lake-Mercer and Underwood schools were also recognized for their hard work.

Master of Ceremonies at the 51st annual event was Mason Mac Beaudry, who has been master for about seven years now.

The banquet is a way for the lodge members to honor the scholastic achievements of area students, while bringing them together with their parents and fellow recipients.

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