March 24, 2011

A call to serve

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Monday night was a scary night in Washburn. It was a night much like any other except if you had made a call for an ambulance to respond to an emergency, there’s a good chance that no one locally could have responded in time to help. That night there were not enough volunteers on call to respond to a call. "The realism of no one on call tonight is now and it’s real," Jill Wiese, Washburn ambulance EMT, said. "There is nobody on tonight. So if you need us in the middle of the night, good chance that no one is going to show and you need to know that." Even more startling is how that is a growing trend in Washburn and so many small town volunteer groups. Pat Hager and Wiese addressed the city commission with the dilemma at their regular board meeting March 14. They hoped the commissioners would help them with their call to action in getting more people to join the ambulance so that the schedule could be full again.

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