October 8, 2014

A change of hands

By Cheryl McCormack

The McLean County Abstract building will soon be displaying a new sign on its storefront, visible to all who travel down Main Avenue in Washburn.

On Sept. 30, owner Duane Knell officially sold his business, one of the oldest in the county, to North Dakota Guaranty and Title (NDGT), a well-known company stationed in Bismarck.

Which means Knell is currently sitting at home with his feet up, enjoying retirement...right?

Not exactly, according to Knell, although he says he sees the luxury in his near future.

"I am the only registered abstractor in McLean County. No one can come and take my place," he said.

At least not without his authorization. When he cut the deal with Nick Hacker, president of NDGT, Knell signed over his rights to be the county’s one and only abstractor.

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